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  1. Definition of Pocket
  2. Definition of Pocket Pair | Dictionary and Glossary of Poker Terms
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  • George has organized poker groups at two senior centers, at West L. He is a columnist for several poker and gaming publications. George has been elected to the Seniors Poker Hall of Fame, and was named Man-of-the-Year by the Westside Optimists, primarily for his efforts in encouraging retirees to learn and enjoy the game of poker. While many online poker pros have given serious thought to relocating abroad, where they could continue playing legally, just the thought of the bureaucracy and….

    In it, you'll find some fascinating information about…. Looking down to see pocket aces when playing Texas Hold'em is one of the game's great feelings. Usually, you'll already be scheming for ways to…. In this special Cardplayer Lifestyle article we list 17 ways online poker players stick out among a crowd of live poker players.

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    • While not exactly…. When you're a beginner or an intermediate poker player, you've often got lots of questions.

      Definition of Pocket

      Just starting out at poker? Say that a player makes an open raise in early position and you call in late position with If a player in the blinds re-raises a fair amount, your decision to call or fold will rely on whether the open raiser calls, the size of the raise, and the type of players that you are facing. If the raise was massive and it forces a fold from the original raiser, you too would likely be folding.

      If it was small and the 3-bettor is known for their over aggressive play, calling makes more sense. Medium sized pots don't necessarily generate either a fold or a call. Post-flop strategy with middle pocket pairs in tournaments can undoubtedly get quite tricky.

      Playing Mid Pocket Pairs from the Small Blind in Cash Game

      You are going to be in never ending situations where you are beating nothing other than a bluff. Since these types of hands come in limitless variations, it would be impossible to elaborate on the exact approach. Needless to say, however, relying on bluff catching as your primary means of profitability isn't the most ideal approach to poker. If you are playing middle pairs all the way to showdown in pots that have action on each street, you should be near certain that your opponent is weak.

      The most common and practical way to play middle pocket pairs post-flop in tournaments is to get to showdown as cheaply as possible. No matter what the board reads, you are almost always going to have some sort of showdown value.

      What this means is that betting dilutes the value of your hand and being otherwise aggressive is just unnecessary. Checking the hand down is logical and won't punish you beyond what you already have invested. Even calling small river bets can be OK.

      Definition of Pocket Pair | Dictionary and Glossary of Poker Terms

      Keeping pots small and manageable is the key to success with these hands. There are only two scenarios in which your middle pocket pair is likely to develop into an exceptionally strong hand, and this is when you back into a four card straight or make a set or better. There is nothing in poker like this — the thrill of hitting a set.

      But chasing this feeling at the wrong time is one of the most common and costly mistakes you can make at the table. So, when should you set mine, and when should you toss your pocket pair in the muck? Set mining is the act of calling a preflop raise with a pocket pair with the sole objective of flopping a set.

      When to Fold

      But if you hit, you will try to build a pot and win as much money as possible from your unsuspecting opponent. This is a disaster scenario for your small pocket pairs, which will often be forced to fold before seeing the flop. But if you were on the button, you can probably get away with calling pocket pairs as low as Keep in mind you can call more pocket pairs if the players behind are weak and unlikely to 3-bet. According to software PokerSnowie which features the closest available estimation for optimal preflop solutions overcalling in these situations is a losing play.

      Pocket Pairs

      The ranges involved are simply too strong and the 3-bet size is almost always too big to make set mining a winning play. This advice is more geared towards high-level games because, against two very good players, you will not get to stack either one of them as frequently as you need in order to profit. So, versus weak opponents you can call, take a 3-way flop, and hope to strike gold.